Case Study

Bagaimana cara membuat Startup sambil kantoran, tanpa uang, dan tanpa waktu luang.

Terinspirasi dari artikel How to start a company with no free time dan juga karena saking eneknya mendengar alasan dan keluhan ketidakpuasan kalian terhadap hidup dan mau bikin ini-itu tapi ga mulai-mulai, maka sebulan kemarin saya menantang diri sendiri untuk membuat sebuah startup baru dengan semua keterbatasan yang selalu dijadikan alasan.


Spoiled Little Startup

To me, the word startup is starting to lose meaning. It becomes too much of a buzzword that people started to forget how it all usually began: In a garage, born from a burning passion of one or two people. It was never the millions of angel money or the big buy out. It was never the fastest way of being rich or an overnight success. It was about creative people reaching out their dreams even if it mean letting everything go.


Sell Yourself, Not Your Idea

I can never stress enough that idea is cheap, it’s worthless on it’s own. Execution is what matters. But what about the guys that can get funding even before they have a product? They’re just selling ideas right? Well, it’s not that simple. When you pitch an idea, you’re not actually selling the idea, you are actually selling yourself. Investors believe in the idea if he believes in you, your history or the cool word for it: Your street cred.