Just some fake minifigs I got from the mall today

March 22, 2014 at 11:59 pm offtopic

So I got this knock-offs from Mall of Indonesia the other day, it was so cheap I got 6 of em. I bought it for IDR 25,000 each (about $2). The original Lego minifigs is priced at IDR 50.000 (about $4) and it’s really hard to find a specific one because you can’t choose what you want, you can only by a surprised package which makes it rather troublesome. To make it worst, it’s hardly available after a series of time. So bad luck for my batcopter, stuck without Batman. There’s a lot of resellers that sell specific minifig at forums and classifieds but they are selling it at 3x the price.. Bummer.

It’s not really much different than the original one, some details here and there. But the biggest difference you can see at the back of the feet and of course there’s no Lego engraving anywhere. Owh and the form of of the bottom of the feet is different as well. 

I’m rather surprised that I can get this in mall and not some shady places. Out of the 6, one of them doesn’t have  all the parts (Thor is missing a leg), that Captain America’s face is pink, War Machine’s face is grey, and hulk is a minifig form, Wolverine’s claws and face is different than the picture. But then again I’m not expecting much from here. So if you want to try and buy this, you need to check and recheck the content over and over again.

Not that different up close

Not that different up close

The feet are different in shapes

The feet are different in shapes

The back is definitely different, maybe to save some plastics

The back is definitely different, maybe to save some plastics

They came in these boxes, branded as super heroes. No lego brand in sight

They came in these boxes, branded as super heroes. No lego brand in sight

Looks great combined with the real one

Looks great combined with the real one


Can a DRM-Free digital download store survive in Indonesia

January 28, 2014 at 1:41 am Business Model, Case Study


Pandji Pragiwaksono is launching his own digital download store called WSYDNshop.com to sell his own work free of DRM. Yep, that means you can copy it wherever you want, in any device you have, copy it away to a friend or upload it via torrent. You’re free do to whatever you want with it. But the question is, do you want to?

Pandji told me that the whole premise of this project is that people are willing to pay if they love the product and want the artist to keep creating the next product that they will love. It’s plain and simple. If you don’t pay then the artist cannot continue the work and so the cycle will abruptly stop.

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This site has nothing to do with Hatta Rajasa

January 28, 2014 at 12:56 am General

Despite the similar name. I just want to clarify that this site has nothing to with Hatta Rajasa. I felt the need to clarify because of the recent resurgence of Hatta Rajasa as he is running for presidency in 2014.

The recent announcement stating that Rajasa is the official name for Relawan Hatta Rajasa seems to fuel the recent resurgence as well. Although it does not hurt my keyword position at Google.

My name is Aria Rajasa and I am not related whatsoever with Hatta Rajasa. Not his kid, not his cousin or any family connection whatsoever. As to my knowledge he is from Palembang and I am from Cirebon.

Now that we got that clear out so please stop asking :p

Snugg Case

September 15, 2013 at 2:56 pm Device Review

I’m always a fan of phone cases and have been buying a lot of them in the past. I only got my iPhone 5 for less than a year and had gotten 4 cases for it already, the last one was the Snugg Pouch Case. I chose the Snugg Pouch case because it matches my wallet. I’ve been using it for a about a week and here’s my review.

The Snugg Pouch Case

Still new and clean

The Good

The case has a nice built, the suede leather gave it a fancy look and felt good in my hand. It does not slip easy and it doesn’t make the phone bulk to match. The bottom part of the case has holes for sound so you won’t miss any notification. It has a built-in lever system so you can just pull the lever to fetch your phone. I had no trouble getting my phone in and out so I got to say that this is very well made and thought of.

I really love the look and feel as it blends nicely with your wallet and bag. The front part has a card holder for your favorite card. I don’t really use it much because I have a big wallet already but it will be handy to place an RFID apartment key so you wouldn’t have to reach your wallet.

The case protects the phone sideways and bottom but it leaves it open at the top. I didn’t do any drop test (obviously) but it drops a few times and from the sound of it, the phone got protected quite nicely. Just make sure to not drop it with the phone facing downwards.

After one week of use

After one week of use

The Bad

The first thing that caught my eyes is the logo, it’s huge! Good thing it’s only embossed on the bottom right. If it were up to me I think the S in the front and back should be sufficient, or at least they can shrink the size a bit. The second part is the material, as much as I like the look and feel of suede leather, the material got dirty way to easily. This happens also with my wallet. It gave the case more character but it still is dirty and even if you clean it it will get dirty again soon.

The last bad part got to do more with the case being a Pouch type. On a daily usage, I tend to remove my phone a lot and it is quite a hassle, in mose cases I tend to just let my phone out for a while and then put it back in again when I’m moving around. It’s tedious at times.

The Verdict

The Snugg Phone Case is a good looking, well-built case that fits nicely with your other accessories but got dirty quite easily.

Disclaimer: Snugg sent me a free case to review, but they let me choose which case I want to review so the choice is my a personal preference.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 First Impression

February 27, 2013 at 5:18 pm Device Review

I was invited to the Samsung Event in Mulia where Samsung showcase their latest products for the South East Asia market. They display a large array of products that includes TV (that can tweet!), refrigerator (that can tweet!), vacuum cleaner (no, this one cannot tweet), DVD, AC, and of course the Samsung Galaxy product line.

Despite the overly-hyped tweeting refrigerator, my eyes obviously got caught on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I’ve reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 before so i’ll concentrate on the features that excel in the Galaxy Note 8.0 instead of the overall functionallity.

The Perfect Size

The 8″ size is definitely the friendliest form factor. It’s lighter and thinner than the 10″ version (obviously). This is important because my experience with the 10″ version was rather awkward, it felt uncomfortable to hold with one hand and I can’t use the pen while holding it with both hands. Holding the 8″ with one hand and using the s-pen to take note, draw, or browsing feels natural.

The Galaxy Note 8.0

The Galaxy Note 8.0

I didn’t like the size bezel taking up a lot space but the bezel stops my hand from reaching (and screwing) the touch screen so I guess it has it’s uses.

The Phone OS

Because this is the Galaxy Note line so the Galaxy Note 8.0 uses the same OS as the Galaxy Note 2.0. It’s good for previous Note users as they would feel perfectly at home, those with prior experience with the Android Tablet OS would need time to get used to the diffence as it doesn’t provide on screen Home and Back buttons but rather a hardware touch screen buttons for Menu, Home and Back. Everything works the same as the Galaxy Note 2.0, the dashboard, the apps, the multitasking, the note taking and even the phone function.

Multitasking like a boss

Yes! It can make phone calls! Though you would look like an idiot if you perform this stunt on public places but that’s for you to decide.

Looking classy!

Looking classy!

The S-Pen

The S-Pen is bigger than the Note 2.0 but still remain uncomfortable to use. It’s too small to hold, there’s a button to select text and it’s hard to press. Maybe it needs getting used to. Maybe it’s a good idea if Samsung provide a bigger alternative Pen to use (sold separately is fine).

The Conclusion

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0? I think you should if you are thinking of buying the 10″ but feels that it’s heavy and uncomfortable, or you like the Galaxy Note 2.0 to draw and do creative stuffs on it but in need of a bigger canvas, or you lost your TV remote and you want to replace it with big giant expensive touch screen TV remote.

Update: just heard that the price would be $450 for the 16GB Wifi Version.

Disclaimer: this is a paid but honest reviews which reflects my personal opinion on the product. The review is based on my short experience playing with the device at the press conference launch.

Making a t-shirt with the imadeface app

February 10, 2013 at 7:50 am Ideas

There’s an interesting app for the iOS called imadeface that let’s you create an illustration of your face easily by combining the elements of your hair such as the shape of the face, hair, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. It’s easy and fun to use and most of my friends on twitter are already changing their avatars with the face made from the app.

You can go wild or you can make a perfect copy of yourself, that’s up to you. I’ve been playing a little bit more on what to do with my face and I think it would be cool to make it into a t-shirt (yeah i made tees so obviously that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I made this using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but you can do the same with Corel Photo Trace or any other vector tracing software. So here’s a bit of a tutorial on how to make a cool shirt out of your face.

1. Make your face

Of course this is the first step, download the app and make your own face. I decided to go with the image below for my representation. Save it to your computer somehow like emailing it to yourself.

my face made on imadeface

2. Convert the image into a vector

We need a higher resolution so why not just change into a vector image so you can resize it all you want. Open your Adobe illustrator and open the image using the Illustrator. Do the steps below:

Step 1: Configure live trace

Now after clicking the live trace, don’t worry about the image going black and white because it’s customizable. After the step above, follow the steps below.

Step 2: More configuration of the live trace

After that you should get something like the image below. Now remove the things that you don’t want and you got the image in vector mode!

3. Send it to tees.co.id!

Now that you have the image in vector, you can put it in the template from by tees.co.id and send it to them accordingly. I added by twitter name for further customization and the end result is something like the image below.  I’ve ordered mine and I can’t wait to wear it in public! If you’re too lazy to do it yourself then you can just email order[et]tees.co.id and the staff will help you make it into a t-shirt.

imadeface shirt by rajasa

Can’t decide what looks to make? Look it up here for inspiration.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Love comes in big size

October 15, 2012 at 11:46 pm Device Review

It hasn’t been a year since the launch of the first generation of Samsung Galaxy Note and even back then I had my doubts, will a 5.3″ screen too big for you? Well apparently millions of people are swayed into buying it and they appear to love it. Fast forward until today and you got yourself the second generation and surprise! It’s bigger! Sporting a beautiful 5.5″ screen with a rounder frame compared to its predecessor. The 0.2″ additional screen size is almost unnoticeable, see the image below (taken from recombu)

Can you tell the difference?

Despite what you’re thinking right now, it’s a smart move to make the screen bigger to accomodate a 16:9 screen ratio, the previous one had 16:10 which makes it rather awkward to watch videos. It’s fun to watch movies with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because you won’t be seeing a black border at the top and bottom and I gotta say it again, the screen is bright and beautiful.

I only had a brief time to try this at the Indonesian launch (thank you Samsung Indonesia for inviting me) so there’s not much time to play with it. The 8MP camera doesn’t hold up in poor lit room and the press conference room was rather dark, I can’t test it on the outdoors so I have no idea how it will perform. What I love about the Camera is the best face feature where you can rewind the best moment when taking a picture and get their best expression. It works on multiple faces as I’ve seen the promotion guy demoing it when taking 2 faces at a time.

The stylus holds up nicely compared to high end drawing tablets that I’ve used before. Drawing with the stylus feels really great especially because the screen is that big. Creative people would definitely love to sketch ideas, draw directions or just play around with your friends photos by putting a mustache on them (corny I know ahaha).

I’m also loving the app that Samsung made for the Galaxy Note 2, I love that we can take notes when on the phone, which would be really useful at times. The multi-window is great at taking notes while browsing for sources. The idea sketch is great for taking visual notes. Of course since this runs on the latest Android so you can install all the apps you want to support you even further.

Yay for multi windows!

The big screen may put some people off, it’s not really comfortable when you’re using it to call so I would recommend a hands free accessories when calling. You would need to use 2 hands to reach all of the screen as it is quite huge, most of the time you’ll be holding the phone with one hand and the other using a stylus. It’s also quite pricey giving the normal price at around 7 million rupiah.

In short, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is great for creative people that loves to draw, express things visually and watch movies and play games on the go. If you think you’re that person then go for it!

Disclaimer: this is a paid but honest reviews which reflects my personal opinion on the product. The review is based on my short experience playing with the device at the press conference launch.

Knowing when to quit…

April 7, 2012 at 1:00 am General


Quitting is never easy, people told me that quitting is the easy way out and it’s a loser’s way of taking care of a problem. Well I disagree, quiting is hard, and it doesn’t solve the problems of those that you leave behind.

Nevertheless quitting is infact necesarry. Maybe it’s because of the countless disagreements, lack of appreciation, the long hours of meetings, the pointless bickering, the feeling of going nowhere.. But I guess it all comes down to the different personal vision about the business.

It may look like all the work you did in the past is such a waste but it’s better to waste the past that you can never get back rather than wasting the future that you can actually fix.

At this moment of time. I believe it is better to go separate ways and hope each other the best. So here I am hoping the best for Anang Pradipta which will be leaving his position as Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Gantibaju.com.

Things will change, and things will change for the better.

Good luck and Na zdorovie!

The Case of the Curious Hiatus

March 19, 2012 at 4:26 pm General

Yeah so I kind of bail on this blog for a week due to being super busy on work and late night super secret activities that I can only mention as codename:cerberus. On a totally unrelated note, Mass Effect 3 is awesome! The ending however..

Well anyway,  I’m still writing for dailysocial.net (since I’m under contract) and here’s last week’s writing about the grim reality of newspaper digital distribution

The push for digital in the US is so heavy that it forces traditional newspapers to either go digital or go bankrupt. But then again the push for digital posed more problems than solutions for the business owners as they’re still finding it hard to find a profitable business model. For every $1 gained in digital, $7 are lost in print revenue.

You can also read it in Bahasa Indonesia here. Thx for translating it guys


Productivity Tuesday #2: Delete all your emails

March 6, 2012 at 6:30 am General, Productivity Tuesday

Who here has more than 1,000 unread emails? I do, it happens every couple of months. Those emails that you think you will read but never really have time to, those mailing lists from the marketing club that you promise to read, the email from an old friend that you’re planning to reply, the events you’re planning to RSVP, the groupon deals that have expired, etc. Well, if you haven’t replied to an email after 2 weeks then you’ll probably never ever reply it anyway.

What I do with every important email is turn it into a task on my favorite to do app or put it into evernote for archiving. The rest of the email that doesn’t get into the to do app is pretty much useless. It’s just there as an archive just in case I need to get back at it.