Redefining my manifesto

Because if we don’t define who we are, people will do it for us. I’m turning 35 this year, and this is my manifesto.

Thrive for greatness, but maintain balance in life.

Do the work that you love and give meaning to you, but life is not all about work. Maintain your balance with your friends, family, lover. There’s no point in working long hours with depreciating result. Especially to your health.

Be honest to yourself

The easiest person to lie to is yourself. Be true to yourself, be angry, be bitter, be sad and move on. Communicate your feelings, be more outspoken. Those who matter stay, and those who don’t wouldn’t matter.

On to the next mentality

Rejection is like dust, it’s everywhere. Like dust, it doesn’t really matter. Move on, on to the next one and let all the rejections bring you closer to the real deal. Say thank you, say goodbye, and on to the next.

There is no finish line

Compete with ourselves, be a better version than yesterday. Competitors are always good as it drives us forward, but always remember to be better than who we are yesterday. There’s no such thing as winning when we are playing the infinite game.

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