Hit me with your best ideas

I’ve been getting some emails from people with ideas, some are challenging, some got me excited. I love hearing fun and new ideas and would love to discuss them. So in the spirit of sharing knowledge, I’m announcing an open invitation to all who wishes to challenge their business ideas to email me to aria[et]rajasa.com. Read More


The Love Industry

Since today is Valentine’s day, it would be appropriate of me to play along with the mainstream world and celebrate love in some way. Since I’m not good at making poetry or some sort, I’ll just do a case study regarding The Love Industry in the digital era [Bummer]. I’m not much of a fan Read More


The Business of Humor

I love distractions, I watched a lot of CollegeHumor videos and have spent countless hours wasted on 9gag. These time wasters are a blast to enjoy and are in fact serious money maker. Humor is an industry, an industry that most people took for granted. CollegeHumour made USD 4.2 million in ad revenue the first Read More