Article Recap and stuffs

Since this is saturday and I’m not really in the mood to write something serious, let’s just do a recap on what’s the most popular article in since the relaunch (January 25, 2012). At first place we have The Clone King is Coming to Town. I posted it on the Startuplokal mailing list and Read More


Originality is overrated

Originality is overrated, there I said it. Yesterday I wrote about the clone king coming to town, not so long ago Zynga the game company giant shamelessly rip-off Tiny Tower and also a desktop game Super Crate Box “heavily inspired” the iPhone game Muffin Knight. This 3 stories are just a small examples showing one Read More


The Clone King is Coming to Town

There’s been a lot of talk about shameless Samwer Brothers (Rocket Internet), their expansion to Singapore, Malaysia and our dearest Indonesia. Even their email brief to the Indonesia team is leaked out. For those of you not following the news, Rocket Internet is the clone king from Berlin, Germany. Here as quoted from sangatpedas: These Read More