Hands on the Nokia.. er.. Microsoft Lumia 950

It’s been a while since I had the time to play around with gadgets and such but the new Lumia does intrigue me. So I jumped right in when I got the invitation from Microsoft to test it out. My first impression of the phone was that it’s light. It is as big as my Oneplus Read More


Your plan will fail, and that’s ok

No matter how much you prepare, something will go wrong. Things will get out of hand and there are times where you wouldn’t know what to do, and that’s ok. Financial projections are a thing of fiction. Yes, shit happens. Listen to your customers, adapt, pivot, adjust, improve, survive. Slack started as a side project Read More


Do you want to be right, or do you want to be rich?

I get a lot of things wrong, all the time. That’s because I try out various new things and see what works. Being wrong is ok, being proven wrong by your colleague, or employee is even better. That means you’re hiring people smarter than you on the subject that you are not an expert at. If Read More


New year resolution no more

I didn’t make any of the 2014 resolution so I’ll just stop. Instead I’ll just make the change now. Little actionable changes that can be done right now. I want to lose weight, so I start waking up early in the morning and do a 10 minutes workout (I chose freeletics btw). Laughable? Yes, doable? Read More


Most people don’t know what they want

I’m currently reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and this guy is brilliant. Here’s my favorite quote so far Most people don’t know what they want unless they see it in context. We don’t know what kind of racing bike we want—until we see a champ in the Tour de France ratcheting the gears on Read More


Change is now

It would take some time to change, but the decision to change is instant. If you want to change, change now. Not tomorrow, not next year. Tomorrow is an excuse, next year is an excuse. Stop making excuses or you’ll never get what you want. “I’ll exercise more starting tomorrow” “I’ll go on a diet Read More


Can a DRM-Free digital download store survive in Indonesia

Pandji Pragiwaksono is launching his own digital download store called WSYDNshop.com to sell his own work free of DRM. Yep, that means you can copy it wherever you want, in any device you have, copy it away to a friend or upload it via torrent. You’re free do to whatever you want with it. But Read More