Test Driving the all new Mazda2

I’ve been a fan of Mazda for quite a while and my last car was a Mazda2 that I bought in 2012, so when I got a chance to test drive the all new Mazda2, I obviously took the jump. I got the car for the whole weekend so I took it as far as Read More


The Art of Making Excuses

If I have to guess, making excuses is probably the one skill that 99.99% of us are very good at. We’re all guilty of this at one point in life, I know I am. Excuses are a handy justification to not do things we should be doing so we don’t feel really bad about it. Read More


Let’s Block The Blocking Culture

First of all, I was utterly shocked to hear that only days after the launch of Netflix that there’s already a notion to block the service by the government censorship agency. To add that up, MNC is being bitter about it as well but that’s to be expected. Should we block Netflix? Well, let’s look at what Read More


Finally! Pebble updates the classics to have Timeline features!

Long time ago when Pebble launched the Pebble Time, they promised to update the classic version. Finally they announced it after a short beta testing phase. It only takes about 5 minutes to upgrade and super easy. Here’s how: Disconnect your Pebble with your phone Forget the bluetooth between your phone and your Pebble Install the Read More


Learning to code with the characters from #starwars

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about coding? Complicated? Geeky? Hard? Well, I have to admit that coding might be intimidating for most people. Starting to code might not be simple, there’s hundreds of programming language to choose from, not to mention you have to learn design pattern, choose your Read More


Jide Remix Mini Review: The Android Mini PC We’ve Been Waiting for?

Before the era of Mini PC, I used to plug-in my laptop to the TV (yes, even at the Analog era using a Video-in display adapter) because I enjoy movies on a bigger screen. That’s why I love my old Macbook Chiclet + remote control. Everybody was using it for presentation, but not me. It’s Read More


3 Bullshits you have to stop believing when making deals

Let’s face it, we face tons of bullshits on our everyday live when we make deals here and there. It’s not that I’m against haggling or negotiating, I do that all the time. But sometimes it gets repetitive and downright disrespectful that you question what’s the whole point of spending another second with that person. Read More