Spoiled Little Startups

To me, the word startup is starting to lose meaning. It becomes too much of a buzzword that people started to forget how it all usually began: In a garage, born from a burning passion of one or two people. It was never the millions of angel money or the big buy out. It was Read More


Sell Yourself, Not Your Idea

I can never stress enough that idea is cheap, it’s worthless on it’s own. Execution is what matters. But what about the guys that can get funding even before they have a product? They’re just selling ideas right? Well, it’s not that simple. When you pitch an idea, you’re not actually selling the idea, you Read More


Investors Need To Say NO More Often

In all my years of doing business, I’ve met with a lot of investors locally and internationally. They are mostly uber rich, ¬†good-mannered, easy to talk guy and they love to share their knowledge (not their money). They look like an average guy, but usually with a fancier suit. They are NOT SCARY AT ALL. Read More


Originality is overrated

Originality is overrated, there I said it. Yesterday I wrote about the clone king coming to town, not so long ago Zynga the game company giant shamelessly rip-off Tiny Tower and also a desktop game Super Crate Box “heavily inspired” the iPhone game Muffin Knight. This 3 stories are just a small examples showing one Read More