Bisnis tanpa melibatkan komunitas akan mati

Itulah judul artikel yang dituliskan oleh Pak Karmin a.k.a @fanabis dari detik. Berikut adalah cuplikan artikelnya: di era social media ini kata komunitas bak mantera. karena kekuatan teknologi yang begitu pesat perkembangannya ini memungkinkan informasi menyebar sangat cepat. sebuah brand yang mempunyai komunitas loyal bisa dengan efisien mempromosikan produknya. andai memang produk itu menarik, dengan Read More


Smoking is financially stupid

I stopped smoking starting from 30th of March and haven’t had a single smoke from then on. I stopped smoking that day because at that morning I woke up, I woke up breathless.. as in I can’t breath normally, my lungs is not working as expected and I gasped over and over again. It went Read More


2 small things I want on Windows 7

I started using Windows 7 yesterday and plays around with it, I gotta admit I was pretty confused when trying to get used to the overall system. Well, It’s been 5 years since I actually use Windows (XP) so I got a little clunky here and there. Details after the break.


Track your accomplishments, monthly!

salsabeela shared this article with Google Reader: “Do you track your achievements?“.┬áIt’s a good read and it made me think of doing it. I’m always making goals every start of a year and never really do it (don’t we all :P). Well those goals are mostly about loosing weight anyway. To those too lazy to Read More