Bagaimana cara membuat Startup sambil kantoran, tanpa uang, dan tanpa waktu luang.

Terinspirasi dari artikel How to start a company with no free time dan juga karena saking eneknya mendengar alasan dan keluhan ketidakpuasan kalian terhadap hidup dan mau bikin ini-itu tapi ga mulai-mulai, maka sebulan kemarin saya menantang diri sendiri untuk membuat sebuah startup baru dengan semua keterbatasan yang selalu dijadikan alasan. Berikut adalah keterbatasan tersebut Read More


How different should you be?

No I’m not going to talk about being original and all that, I still think originality is overrated. But you definitely need to stand out among the competition right? Then you need to be different. How different? Well it really depends on what you’re doing. So maybe I can cook up some example to give Read More


Learning how to unlearn

Don’t let your education interferes with your learning. Albert Einstein said that and I agree. Schools and colleges (especially college) put a lot of garbage in our head and it’s really hard to know what we really need and what we need to unlearn. So here’s 4 things that I unlearn from my education and Read More


Work doesn’t happen at work

Jason Fried the writer of Rework share his controversial yet we all-know-it-inside knowledge on why work doesn’t happen at work. I personally love the book and believe reading Rework it is better than getting an MBA (yes, really!). But I disgres. In the video he elaborate what problems are happening in the office, how meetings Read More


Stop Multitasking and Start Focusing

For us men, multitasking is a joke. It’s our way to assuring ourselves that we are doing a lot of things but we’re actually just wasting our time. I’m sure the idea of finishing that proposal while watching the last episode of Shameless sounds great, or returning emails while on a date with your Blackberry Read More