Hit me with your best ideas

I’ve been getting some emails from people with ideas, some are challenging, some got me excited. I love hearing fun and new ideas and would love to discuss them. So in the spirit of sharing knowledge, I’m announcing an open invitation to all who wishes to challenge their business ideas to email me to aria[et]rajasa.com. Read More


Writing Weekly for DailySocial.net

As you might have seen, I’ve written 2 articles for DailySocial.net recently and it’s been fun. So they offered me to do a weekly column on their english site. I’ll be writing every wednesday about startups, entrepreneurship, ideas, business, well all the topics being discussed here as well. It will be called Simply Business, because Read More


Article Recap and stuffs

Since this is saturday and I’m not really in the mood to write something serious, let’s just do a recap on what’s the most popular article in Rajasa.com since the relaunch (January 25, 2012). At first place we have The Clone King is Coming to Town. I posted it on the Startuplokal mailing list and Read More


Rebooting my blog

Judging from the last post which was posted 4 months ago, I say I’m going lazy here. Hiatus, whatever. The reason mostly just busy doing stuffs (read: bored) and lack of inspiration (read: too lazy to do research). But seeing how my wife is passionately writing her new novel made me want to write again. Read More


Designing UI for Android

A good friend of mine Abangkis runs MReunion Labs, a dedicated Android developer team that made a couple of cool apps. I volunteer myself to design their apps because to be honest, their app UI is not up to the standard and I think I can make a better one :P Besides, I need a Read More


Baby Deals

A couple of months ago, I made a small business with some college friends called bebibobu.com. It’s a cute and adorable baby clothing business, yeah I know that’s soooo not me but my friends are all excited about it and I like their spirit, which is why I decided to help them. A month after Read More