About Me

Aria Rajasa Masna is a passionate businessman with an knack for design, casual fashion and also digital industry. Have been building companies since the age of 22, focusing on the digital industry, web based technology company, online campaign strategy and casual fashion. Currently positioned as the head honcho of tees.co.id and swagshop.co. Doing his best challenging the impossible on the daily basis.

Will mostly be writing about creative business model, case studies in a digital, and also some gadgets reviews as well. Playing casual basketball at geekball and an avid LA Clippers fan.

Shoot me up:
Email: aria [et] rajasa [dot] com
Twitter: @rajasa
Linkedin: Aria Rajasa

  • rizaldy

    “…honcho of tees.co.id and swagsho.co. Doin…” typo mas, swagshop.co kan harusnya? :D