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I’ve been a fan of Mazda for quite a while and my last car was a Mazda2 that I bought in 2012, so when I got a chance to test drive the all new Mazda2, I obviously took the jump. I got the car for the whole weekend so I took it as far as I can: BSD and Bogor.. Yeah that’s as far as I wanted to go with a car ahaha.

I like the look and feel even at first glance, they updated the look from the first Mazda2 quite a bit and it got this sporty look now. The exterior design is cool but what I like more is the interior. This baby has all the bells and whistle that you would expect from a modern car.

Media Features

7" Display, awesome for navigation. Everything is controllable with the Command Center and the buttons on steering wheel.

7″ Display, awesome for navigation. Everything is controllable with the Command Center and the buttons on steering wheel.

7” display for media and navigation? Check. Bluetooth enabled? Of course. Heck, they even put in Media card, Aux and USB for good measures. Owh the GPS is offline so you can use it without internet connection. How neat is that! Surely beneficial for us with spotty connections. In 5 minutes, my phone is already connected and the speakers are playing my fave tunes from Spotify. Love it!

It’s also convenient that I can control all the media from my quick buttons on the steering wheel and also from the Command Center near the hand brake. Once I got the hang of it, I don’t even need to see it because it has a decent tactile feedback.

There’s  the voice command feature but It’s nothing like Siri but it works for simple commands like “Navigate Home” or “Play Music”. This is not something I’ll be using very often.

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For the clumsy me

I have a feeling that this car is target at clumsy people, like me. I forgot to lock my car more often than i would like to admit and luckily the new Mazda2 got me covered. It locks the door automatically when I leave the car, it even turns off the interior lamp if I forgot to turn it off. This car got me spoiled all right.

There’s no such thing as too safe

Active Display to glance at the navigation and speed. Also visual cue when there's something on your blindspot area.

Active Display to glance at the navigation and speed. Also visual cue when there’s something on your blindspot area.

Now let’s talk about sensors. First and foremost, the new Mazda2 has a blindspot sensors, as in it will tell you with a beep and a visual cue on the rear view mirror if there’s a car or bike on your blindspot. This feature will surely prevent a lot of accident. The same sensors works as well when you park. There’s a camera as well in the back so you don’t go all blind when moving backwards.

Another safety features that I like is that the car would automatically brake when it detects an object and you’re still moving at an alarming rate. Be reminded that this works only at the speed of 5 – 30 km/hour. So, faster than that it will not work.

The car also has this thing called Active Display where they show you the speed of the car and also a small navigational cue so you can just glance. This is neat because it’s rather dangerous if you look away to check on your navigation.

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In conclusion

The car works really well as a city car. I drove it all the way to Bogor and it’s still quite comfortable up to 120 km/hour. More than that and it vibrates a bit so I wouldn’t recommend that. This is not a sports car anyway so I I wouldn’t expect it any other way.

The Mazda 2 is comfortable to use, has all the bells and whistle of a modern car but is easy to pick up and learn. If you have the budget, then I would definitely recommend the Mazda 2 AT (Automatic Transmission) GT. This is the one with all the convenient features.

If you’re interested in getting your own. Head over to www.mazda.co.id for more info.

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