Hands on the Nokia.. er.. Microsoft Lumia 950

It’s been a while since I had the time to play around with gadgets and such but the new Lumia does intrigue me. So I jumped right in when I got the invitation from Microsoft to test it out.

My first impression of the phone was that it’s light. It is as big as my Oneplus One but it feels way lighter. Maybe because it’s made mostly of plastic. Kind of reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi4i because I got the white version. It has an extruding camera on the back with triple LED flash. I’ll get back on that later. On the right side we can see the volume buttons, power button and also the dedicated camera button. Would prefer they put the volume on the other side but it’s minor inconvenience.

Lumiat 950 Feels light at hand, quite slick for a plastic build.

Lumia 950 Feels light at hand, quite slick for a plastic build.

Ok, back to the camera. They put quite a feature in there like bokeh and slow motion but my favorite is the part where you can choose your preferred lighting AFTER the shot. Yes, you have to turn on the feature before you take the shot but believe me it’s worth it. Basically what it does is that after you activate the feature, the camera takes 2 shots. One with the flash and the other without. And the cool thing is, you can choose in between with a slider on how much you want on the intensity of the flash! This is amazing! Ok, here’s a video to make it clearer.

This is wicked, #lumia950 bisa sekaligus moto with and without flash dan bisa edit in between.

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Definitely a feature I would love to play around some more. Anyway, yes the camera is good since it’s 20MP but what steals the show is the OS. This is a legit Windows 10, not Windows mobile but a full on Windows 10 PC! This is awesome because you can just plug it to a monitor, use a mouse and keyboard and it becomes a your workstation. That is if your work involves around Microsoft Office and emails.

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There’s not much that you can do with this for now as there’s still plenty of apps that doesn’t work on the Windows 10. So I’m definitely not going to jump and buy this right away and make this my go to workstation. But I like the idea and hope this catches on to other platforms.

I can totally imagine using this as a regular smartphone, and then if I want to write long emails I can just whip out the foldable bluetooth keyboard and work a bit at a cafe. While at home I can plug it on my TV and watch kittens do stupid stuffs on youtube.

Owh and the other bummer part is that you need to have a Microsoft Display Dock to connect this to a monitor and it doesn’t come cheap (IDR 1,2 million.. yeah i know..). You can always use your Smart TV or any Miracast-powered dongle to transmit the display wirelessly. Though you would notice some lags when using this method as to any activity using Miracast. So yeah, it’s not perfect.

Another cool feature is the Iris Recognition. Microsoft is one-upping everyone that has a finger print recognition and goes directly to your eye. It works on people with glasses surprisingly well so that’s good for us nerds. All you have to do is let the phone scan your eyes and boom! You can unlock your phone with a retina scan. Kinda wish they put a cool animation like in the movies on this but it’s just “Looking for you..” sign and then unlock. Ahaha yeah I’m asking too much. This is the video of me trying out the Iris Recognition feature.

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Ok now the downside.. Ahh Cortana! Can’t use this on Indonesia yet.. bummer :/ The apps are very much limited as this is a new platform. The price is rather high, but expected since this is a high-end phone.

So, who should I recommend this phone to? Well, as far as a test case go. I would use it as a media center for when I travel, I just fill this up with movies (thank God for expandable SD Storage!) and plug it to the TV at the hotel I’m staying and continue binge watching the latest TV Series.  It helps that I can multitask so I can watch a movie on TV while replying emails on the phone. This phone is good for the times where you just don’t want to open your laptop and enjoy your phone on the big screen.

You can pre-order this phone at 27 November 2015 for IDR 8,999,000. Foldable bluetooth keyboard and Display Dock comes bundled with the pre-order.

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  • Itu nyolokkan ke TV nya make apa waktu mau dipake buat nonton2? apakah Kabel USB-C ke USB langsung jalan atau gimana?

  • rajasa

    Ahh good point, I missed that. Itu ke Display Dock pake kabel USC C to USB C. Trus dari Display Dock ke TV pake HDMI.

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