3 Bullshits you have to stop believing when making deals

Let’s face it, we face tons of bullshits on our everyday live when we make deals here and there. It’s not that I’m against haggling or negotiating, I do that all the time. But sometimes it gets repetitive and downright disrespectful that you question what’s the whole point of spending another second with that person.

Making deals are all about trust. If I hear any of these bullshits coming from any future clients or partners then it would definitely raise a huge concern up to a point where I would reconsider working with them in the first place.

Here’s the top 3 that’s been in repetition for quite a long time.

1. Do it for the exposure.

Try doing this at any restaurant, shop, or a tattoo parlour. No seriously, can you get away with it? Yeah no. So why do you think it would work at all? Still not sure why this is not common sense? Watch this short video then.

2. Give me a cheap price this time, and I’ll make it up to you the next time.

This is gold and I’ve been a victim of this on my early days. None of them ever come back, NONE. Even if they came back, they’ll ask for the same cheap price. So why bother.

3. But we’re such good friends!

If you’re really my friends then please appreciate my work and support me by buying my work at full price. If I offer you a discount then feel free to take it. But if I don’t? Please, don’t bother asking.

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Got any bullshits you would like to share?

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