Your plan will fail, and that’s ok

No matter how much you prepare, something will go wrong. Things will get out of hand and there are times where you wouldn’t know what to do, and that’s ok. Financial projections are a thing of fiction.

Yes, shit happens. Listen to your customers, adapt, pivot, adjust, improve, survive. Slack started as a side project and now it’s worth $1 Billion, Instagram started as a Foursquare clone. Play-Doh started as a wallpaper cleaner. Here’s 14 more if you haven’t had enough.

Shit happens, your plan fails, and that’s ok as long as you adapt.

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Aria Rajasa

Aria Rajasa Masna is a passionate businessman with an knack for design, casual fashion and also digital industry. Currently positioned as the head honcho of and Doing his best challenging the impossible on the daily basis.

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