Productivity Tuesday #2: Delete all your emails

Who here has more than 1,000 unread emails? I do, it happens every couple of months. Those emails that you think you will read but never really have time to, those mailing lists from the marketing club that you promise to read, the email from an old friend that you’re planning to reply, the events you’re planning to RSVP, the groupon deals that have expired, etc. Well, if you haven’t replied to an email after 2 weeks then you’ll probably never ever reply it anyway.

What I do with every important email is turn it into a task on my favorite to do app or put it into evernote for archiving. The rest of the email that doesn’t get into the to do app is pretty much useless. It’s just there as an archive just in case I need to get back at it.

So what’s going to happen after you delete all your emails? A peace of mind. If an email is important enough and you actually miss it, it will come back eventually. What you lost will be the things you’ll never read or things you’ll never reply.

If you happen to use Gmail, it does a very good job at archiving all the emails you have deleted, so it’s not really gone. It’s being archived in Trash folder. So you can still be at peace even if you delete it. Thank God Google for 8GB of free space on Gmail!

For me having a 0 unread email is important for the peace of mind, it’s probably the same as having zero task on today’s to do app. It helps me focus on the important things today and forget about everything else. Tomorrow’s task is tomorrow’s problem, don’t bother thinking about it today unless you have to.

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