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I’ve been getting some emails from people with ideas, some are challenging, some got me excited. I love hearing fun and new ideas and would love to discuss them. So in the spirit of sharing knowledge, I’m announcing an open invitation to all who wishes to challenge their business ideas to email me to aria[et]rajasa.com. If it’s interesting enough let’s meet up at a cafe and chat, would expect you to pay for my meal though.

Of course I would only comment on things that I’m interested like creative business model, digital startup, and Indonesia-related scene and environment. It doesn’t have to be a startup idea, it can be some marketing strategy you would like to try, a launch plan, a new business model from existing business, etc.

This is basically from startup to startup, I’m a practitioner myself building startups from scratch. This is not me acting like I’m better than anyone, I just love helping people out and listening to great ideas. This is also a learning process for me.

Would gladly help if I can introduce you guys to some contacts I knew if I feel that it can help materialize and excel the idea even further.

If I think I’m not familiar enough with the field and your idea intrigue me then I would ask help from fellow businessman, investors and my other contacts. Don’t want to name drop so I’ll leave it as it is.

Just a reminder that I’m a very honest person, so if you can’t handle the truth then don’t bother emailing.

My only condition is that you would let me use your use case as a material in my blog so that everyone can join the discussion and learn from your ideas as well. I’ll be sure to leave out the top secret part of it of course.

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So hit me with your best ideas!

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Aria Rajasa

Aria Rajasa Masna is a passionate businessman with an knack for design, casual fashion and also digital industry. Currently positioned as the head honcho of tees.co.id and swagshop.co. Doing his best challenging the impossible on the daily basis.

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