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As you might have seen, I’ve written 2 articles for DailySocial.net recently and it’s been fun. So they offered me to do a weekly column on their english site. I’ll be writing every wednesday about startups, entrepreneurship, ideas, business, well all the topics being discussed here as well. It will be called Simply Business, because I’ll write simple and practical business study from a non-academic point of view (well it’s not like I have an academic background in business anyways). It will be exclusive for the DS so no more double posting to this site.

If you haven’t read my posts at dailysocial, here it is:

Nobody cares about your idea, not even your mom

Yeah I know your mom said it’s nice, but chances are she doesn’t even know what you’re talking about. Idea is cheap, I always said that to everybody and I meant every word of it. Just because I have the idea of building Facebook, it doesn’t mean that it’s worth even a penny of Facebook’s $100 billion valuation. Idea is cheap, it’s worthless on its own. Execution is what matters. If you don’t act out on your idea then it will remain as it is: nothing.

Originality is overrated

Originality is overrated, there I said it. Yesterday I wrote about the clone king coming to town. Not so long ago Zynga the game company giant shamelessly rip-off Tiny Tower and also a desktop game Super Crate Box “heavily inspired” the iPhone game Muffin Knight. These 3 stories are just small examples showing one simple fact: EVERYBODY COPIES!

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