The Business of Humor

I love distractions, I watched a lot of CollegeHumor videos and have spent countless hours wasted on 9gag. These time wasters are a blast to enjoy and are in fact serious money maker. Humor is an industry, an industry that most people took for granted.

CollegeHumour made USD 4.2 million in ad revenue the first quarter of generates about seven figure sum in advertising, licensing fees and merchandise sales in 2010. Humor is a serious business indeed. Which is why I got super excited at the relaunch of and the recently launch Let’s discuss them a bit further started in 2003 but got relaunched last year. They got super serious in managing their site and started putting dedicated team to fill in the content with daily articles, interviews, and original web video episodes. They’re trying to expand further by hiring more and more. Here’s the open position in sales manager, video program manager, accounting, graphic designer and wordpress developer. That’s quite a bunch of openings we got there.

Their business model is definitely ads and editorial (they are also reviewing hangout places). I can see Google Adwords and also a couple of banners here and there. The guy behind is Subtube studio owned by Christian Sugiono, the celebrity so I don’t think traction is a problem for them. They seem to be getting everything right, would expect massive growth in the coming years. claimed to be the place for youngsters to hangout. The site was founded by Arief Muhammad which you all know him as @Poconggg and Benazio Rizki (@benakribo). Both of them have massive followers in twitter, @poconggg has almost 2 million followers and @benakribo at more than 200.0000. Twitter folks would feel at home here because the article categories are all hashtags (#), the discussions are things happening on twitter like #pojokgalau (Galau is being hyper-emotional) and #NoMensyen (which means no mention).

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The founders are huge in twitter so it made total sense to cater the site to twitter addicts. Nyunyu has a lot of varieties on contents like interviewing twitter celebrity, photo gallery of shame, sorta-dating profile showing, and original videos at #NyunyuTube. They have just recently launched but they already have ads from the big fish like IM3. Nice!

I love those 2 sites and I can totally see them shape the internet humor industry in Indonesia. I would definitely hope more people will invest their time making Indonesian humor sites, make us laugh, keeps us distracted and and teach us the things that are actually useful in life.

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