Nobody cares about your idea, not even your mom

Yeah I know your mom said it’s nice, but chances are she doesn’t even know what you’re talking about. Idea is cheap, I always said that to everybody and I meant every word of it. Just because I have the idea of building Facebook, it doesn’t mean that It’s worth even a penny of Facebook’s $100 billion valuation. Idea is cheap and implementation is everything, if you don’t act out on your idea then it will remain as it is: nothing.

What’s even more funny is that a lot of people think that their ideas is so precious that they keep it to themselves, refining it for months and maybe years to actually find out that the idea suck. Keeping an idea is dangerous, because you as the idea inventor will be bias towards your own creation. You will always think it’s a great idea but the real problem arises as soon as you tell your idea to someone else. People will start asking questions like what problem does it solve? How to you gain initial traction? What value can you give that is different than others? These questions are good to challenge and refine your idea. Which is why it’s always a good idea to tell everybody about your idea.

Tell Everybody about your idea started because of a blog post that I made in 2008 (Too bad it’s gone already), it is not until a year later that Anang and Agus contact me and act upon the idea. If I didn’t make the blog post, we may never would have met and may never even exist.

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Dropbox also started being famous even before the product existed, the founder Drew Houston made a 3 minute video explaining what Dropbox is and posted it on the most famous site he knew back then: Digg. The response is massive enough to prove a point that people actually need dropbox and it become an initial traction for the startup.

So get the word out and get the word out fast.

What if somebody stole your idea?

If somebody stole your idea? Good! Then your idea does worth something. So you can learn from how the stolen idea being implemented and learn from their mistakes. Believe me the first one to implement the idea always gets it wrong. Learn from mistakes, especially other people’s.

Even though idea is cheap, it doesn’t make you cheap as well. You need to provide a good enough value so that the idea itself is worthless without you. Everybody can think of Google but Sergey and Larry where the actual people who create the algorithm to implement it.

Provide value and instead of people stealing your ideas, you’ll get people offering you partnership to help you achieve that idea. Everybody wins!

Act upon your idea

It’s a lot cheaper nowadays to execute a plan. You can start with something small, a minimal viable product (MVP) to test out your idea and accept feedback as many as possible. The last thing you want to do is waste your limited time and resource into something that nobody needs. I know initial product design will be ugly, but take a look at google in the old days, it suck too!

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If Drew Houston made a video to prove his point, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson create Minecraft. A what is now an internet cultural phenomenon was created by a single person. It started super basic at just building blocks to play around, the Alpha was released in May 17, 2009 and then get refined over time until the Beta in 20 December, 2010. The funny thing is that it was sold with a price of 9.95 Euro even in an alpha release, it proves to be a huge success selling about 400.000 units on the alpha stage. Nowadays it sells a total of 4 million units. Crazy.

Don’t have the skills to do what you want to do? Learn it. Don’t want to learn it? Find someone else that can do it and make him/her partner. Do what you have to do to act upon your idea. You don’t have to quit your job doing it, do it on the side and see how things work out. I did that for a year and it works ok in the end.

Don’t have time? spare an hour every day after work. It may take 6 months, or maybe a year. But at least it’s being act upon. Once it got traction and a decent enough revenue than maybe you can quit your job and work on it full time.

So in conclusion, it doesn’t take an arm and a leg to act upon your idea and it doesn’t take up that much time in a day either. So what other excuses do you have for not doing it?

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