Learning how to unlearn

Don’t let your education interferes with your learning.

Albert Einstein said that and I agree. Schools and colleges (especially college) put a lot of garbage in our head and it’s really hard to know what we really need and what we need to unlearn. So here’s 4 things that I unlearn from my education and life experience.

1. College degree determine your success and status

A degree is only good to impress your mother-in-law, it does not determine your success. It may be easier to get a job with a degree but then again even the highly educated find it hard as well. Need an example of successful people without a degree? Here’s a list of 100 of them. How about a local example in Indonesia: this and that.

I’m not saying you should drop out right away, but reading news that a 17 years old Daniel Gross gets $4 Million funding is.. well you get the point. I myself have a degree and start a company while still in college to speed things up. A degree enables me to change jobs 4 times a year, but it does not enable me to live out my passion.

2. Life is a race   

Life is a rat race and the path of everybody is the same, defined by the society. You go to school to get smart, get a degree, work in an established or international company to get a decent living, get married, have kids, and die. The faster you accomplished those goals, the better you are in society.

Why is it have to be that way? Being the first does not make you better. Why is it a problem that your friend is getting married and you’re not. Wil Chamberlain never got married, but claimed to have sex with 20,000 women! Ok maybe that’s a bad example. Why do you envy your friend working in Oil Companies when you’re building your dream business? Soichiro Honda start his own auto repair shop in the age of 22, but not until the age of 42 that he created Honda. Everything will be beautiful in the right moments, don’t force something you can’t control.

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3. Working hard makes you successful

If you want to be more successful than others, work more than 8 hours. Why? Because everybody works 8 hours a day. So to be better, work harder, longer. WRONG! If you want to be successful, work smarter. Why work 8 hours when you can finish it in 4 hours? Working longer in the office to impress your boss is counter-productive and diminish your social life.

As I’m discussing about office, here’s more crazy things we do everyday

  • People who comes home the latest works the hardest: WRONG! People like that is mostly a procrastinator, bad at time management or likes goofing off all day. People that likes to work late makes efficient people feel uneasy to go home at 5pm because it’s just not nice to leave a comrade behind. So what do you do the uneasy comrade do in the office at night? Goofing around with office facilities. So please, just let people go home at the time they should be home.
  • Meeting needs to be attended by everyone: WRONG! When I’m still working at an office, I always wonder why I got brought up in a lot of meetings where I don’t know what’s going on and cannot contribute personally. In the end it’s just a waste of everyone’s time, the time where I can actually do some work done. Less meetings means more productivity, not the other way around.
  • You need to be in the office to work: WRONG! In fact, office is the least place people do their work done.

4. You need to have everything planned

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Business plan is the biggest science fiction book you’ll ever write, why? Because planning is guessing*, let’s just name it as it is. No matter how much time you spent planning, something will always go wrong. So do short plans instead and change it accordingly, that way you can never be wrong :P

Ok that’s all for now, what are the things that YOU need to unlearn in life?

*Taken from Rework

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