We don’t really need that much in life

I’m selling my iPad, along with a lot of other stuffs that I don’t use. I have no place for another TV, the PS3 should suffice as a gaming platform so I’m selling my Xbox and Wii (Along with the Guitar Hero Band Kit and WiiFit), I put my NAT external harddrive at the office and the last time I’ve  use my Jabra Halo is like a year ago. My Nintendo DS have just been revived to play Ghost Trick and Zelda Spirit Train while I’m under quarantine because I had chicken pox but that’s about it. It remain dormant since.

Before I got married I just put all those stuffs in my apartment. I hate the idea of selling it back then because maybe it would suddenly be useful somehow. Yeah it’s a wishful thinking but since I bought it, I must have bought it for a reason, right? Well apparently not really. After moving out to my mother-in-law’s house, I learn to live without a lot of stuffs. The funny thing is, it doesn’t really bother me that much. Not having an Xbox and Wii means playing more on the PS3 which means getting a bigger price-by-value on a single game. Not having an external harddrive means being efficient in managing space. Having less stuffs means spending more quality time on another activity, which is nicer in the end. I learn to live with the things that I have and to forget about the things that I don’t have. Sometimes we are to focused on the things that we don’t have that we forgot about the things that we do have.

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Long have I cluttered my life with things I hardly use just to have my options open just in case I need it later on. It’s not really healthy at some point, especially to my savings. So my 2012 resolution is to live with less items, be minimal, rethink the stuffs that I really need and set aside things I don’t. All my action figures are all boxed up and put in my parents house, TV and Xbox already sold and the rest of the stuffs are already put on sale in Kaskus and Twitter. If you’re interested in buying one of my stuffs then feel free to contact me. I’ll gladly sell to a friend rather than a stranger.

After selling all this stuffs, will I clutter myself with new items and complain about the same thing next year? Yeah maybe LOL, but it’s a fix for the present. We’ll see how it goes from here. But one thing is for sure, from this experience I learn that we don’t really need that much in life.

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