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Since this is saturday and I’m not really in the mood to write something serious, let’s just do a recap on what’s the most popular article in since the relaunch (January 25, 2012).

At first place we have The Clone King is Coming to Town. I posted it on the Startuplokal mailing list and it got a couple of interesting discussion. The Samwer Brothers are indeed controversial so no surprise here.

The second place goes to Asian startups doing mobile social apps for the global market will fail. This is a 2 part article, the first one was meant to ignite discussion and the reaction in Startuplokal mailing list is quite interesting, at least good enough to do a follow up post.

The third one is this week’s article 4 Questions To Ask Before Making a Startup. The article received the most retweets and mentions among other articles but still does not make this the most popular in terms of unique visitors. Interesting insight: people who retweet does not necessarily read the article being retweeted.

The fourth one is surprisingly my About page. I hid the link far below and people still click it nonetheless :P

The fifth one is This is How RIM Will Survive. This is a joke that I did because RIM’s new CEO is high on something when he’s giving his first statement as CEO to the world. I need to have what he’s having. On a related note, I actually WAS planning to write a piece about RIM and it’s survival. But after the video, I just thought “What the hell, they’re screwed”.

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Aside from the articles, I’ve received 1 thank you email and 1 email asking my opinion about his idea, a guest post on dailysocial, an invitation to do another guest post on and a couple of compliments on twitter. It’s not much, but it means a lot to me. Thanks for all the support guys!

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