The Clone King is Coming to Town

There’s been a lot of talk about shameless Samwer Brothers (Rocket Internet), their expansion to Singapore, Malaysia and our dearest Indonesia. Even their email brief to the Indonesia team is leaked out. For those of you not following the news, Rocket Internet is the clone king from Berlin, Germany. Here as quoted from sangatpedas:

These guys clone faster and sometimes better than the original. Rocket Internet is the Super KW AAA ++++ amongst the tech companies. While Pinterest is still in invitation mode (but getting unbelievable traction) the Rocket guys already have Pinspire up and running and surfing the wave of traction.

They have a very good track record so far (in terms of business deals), as quoted from SGEntrepreneurs:

Founded in 2007, Rocket Internet’s successful ventures include CityDeal, which was purchased by Groupon for US$126M; short terms rental site Wimdu, which has raised US$90M; Alando, an online auction house that was sold to eBay for US$50M, and more.

Adding those deals alone and not counting outside investment got them $266M, not a bad number to spend on massive Asian invasion. They were also reported doing a massive recruitment spree in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. So watch out for your talents because they can afford to match up or maybe double whatever salary you’re giving your talents. Although I heard that they fire as easy as the hire people. I would not recommend working on that kind of company.

So should we, the local startup be worried? No.

Personally for me this is just business as usual. For the Indonesian market, maybe this is similar to the Punjabi Brothers. Self proclaimed as the most successful producer in Indonesia with Multivision production house. Massively profiting from cheap horror & sleazy sex movies. Indonesian filmmaker hates them because he’s “destroying” the quality of Indonesian movies but then again he made a lot of money doing it. Will he stop because of moral obligations? Highly improbable, he’ll keep making money and the filmmaker will keep on being pissed. C’est la vie.

I’m sure there’s a lot more businessman like Punjabi Brothers outside of Indonesia, as we’ve seen with Samwer Brothers. Nothing new here, so just move on and do business as usual. There’s no point in worrying about something that you can’t control.

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