Rebooting my blog

Judging from the last post which was posted 4 months ago, I say I’m going lazy here. Hiatus, whatever. The reason mostly just busy doing stuffs (read: bored) and lack of inspiration (read: too lazy to do research). But seeing how my wife is passionately writing her new novel made me want to write again.

So here I am rebooting my blog again. Will do a weekly post every wednesday and focus on writing about business case studies, business model generation, ideas and opinions about things that interest me, which is tech, design and casual fashion.

Got an idea on what I should write next? Buzz me on the comment section!

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Aria Rajasa

Aria Rajasa Masna is a passionate businessman with an knack for design, casual fashion and also digital industry. Currently positioned as the head honcho of and Doing his best challenging the impossible on the daily basis.

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