Designing UI for Android

A good friend of mine Abangkis runs MReunion Labs, a dedicated Android developer team that made a couple of cool apps. I volunteer myself to design their apps because to be honest, their app UI is not up to the standard and I think I can make a better one :P Besides, I need a break from all of my routines.

This is my first time designing UI for Android platform, heck even for smartphones, and I kind of love how it turns out. The first App design I made for MReunion Labs is Komutta, a public transportation guide for Jakarta. Currently support Transjakarta Busway and Trains.

The next App is Cinemator, I love designing this because the app have more features and a lot of details to play with.

You can install the current version of the app by going to their download page

Let me know what you think of the UIs:D

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