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Last week was such a lovely week, after being featured on, is also being featured in and e27. is a very reputable creative portal focusing on creative economy and it’s ecosystem. They wrote an awesome article regarding Gantibaju as a creative business. Here’s an quote that I love the most

Keunikan dari ide adalah keberaniannya melawan trend. Dengan memajukan budaya-budaya Indonesia karya desainer lokal yang dikemas secara modern dan keren, bercita-cita untuk menghasilkan produk Indonesia mampu ‘Go Internasional’, dengan tetap dikenal karena keunikannya yang merepresentasikan Indonesia.

Read the full article here (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Internationally, is also being featured in e27, the one who organized echelon in singapore. Gantibaju is being compared to (not that we mind or anything). Here’s a little quote

Aria has plans to expand Gantibaju to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia due to the high concentration of Indonesians in these countries. His passion for the country and why he started Gantibaju is apparent when he says, ”I LOVE Indonesia, the people, the cultural heritage. I believe that there’s a lot that we can put on our designs from Indonesia. I’m proud of being an Indonesian and I want all Indonesian to be able to express that as open and as easily as I would.”

Read the full article here (in english).

Thank you for Indonesiakreatif and e27 for writing such a fine article, we are truly honored.

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Aria Rajasa

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