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A couple of months ago, I made a small business with some college friends called It’s a cute and adorable baby clothing business, yeah I know that’s soooo not me but my friends are all excited about it and I like their spirit, which is why I decided to help them.

A month after our first production, I find Bebibobu to be very interesting because I can meet new types of people like stay at home moms, career moms, other baby goods business managers and, well pretty much a lot of moms and babies actually. It’s quite a refreshing take on my daily meet-ups with geeks and the usual business owners. I believe that meeting different types of people is very important because it can give you different perspective of the same problem, it helps you to think something that you never thought before and best of all, it’s refreshing :)

So wish me luck with this new business, I never thought I’ll dive into the baby and mommy business since I don’t have a baby and not even married (as of this writing). But it sure is fun to do.

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Aria Rajasa

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