Why Yahoo Buying Koprol is good for us (startups)

Yeah yeah it’s all in the news, congrats for you guys so I’m not going to write another report on this. What I want to express is how it would impact the other start-ups in Indonesia. I’ll just phrase it in one word: Leverage.

Yahoo made the first step to acquire an Indonesia company, all eyes are practicallyon Yahoo, Koprol, and of course Indonesia. Everybody would wonder why Yahoo bought an Indonesian company and they would surely try to find out. I would expect more big brands to follow Yahoo’s step and therefore making all potential start-ups in Indonesia a potential buy. Even before this happens, there are a couple of Venture Capitalist that put much interest in Indonesian start-ups. So I’ll be expecting things to scale up even more next year. Now, ain’t that leverage.

Danny Oei Wirianto mentioned this once when we were discussing about Sparx Up, an event which goals is to achieve the same leverage and put the start-ups in mainstream media, and Rama Mamuaya from Daily Social thinks pretty much the same.

Congratulation again for this. It’s a big step and a big responsibility is ahead of you guys.

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Aria Rajasa

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